About Us

Our vision is to help you build a better community.

Specifically, our mission is to build a better economic system through social enterprises operated by nonprofits and charities in Canada. With every successful project, we are decentralizing wealth and reinvesting it into our communities.

Why nonprofits?

In order to build a better system, you first must deeply understand why the current system isn’t working.

Nonprofits and charities understand what works and what’s broken with our system because they live it day in and day out. They are already creating new and innovative projects because of resource and funding constraints.

If we equipped nonprofits with the right business tools and knowledge, they’re in the best position to design a better system that addresses our most pressing social issues.

Why Social Enterprise?

It used to be that for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations had their place: one was to make money and the other existed to make an impact.

Social Enterprise bridges the gap between business and charity and enables nonprofits to generate income using the same systems that businesses use. Money isn’t the end goal of Social Enterprise, rather it is the intermediary that enables sustainable community impact.

There are many Social Enterprises that seek to do good, but ultimately miss the mark because they don’t fully understand the complexities of the social issue as well as a nonprofit would.

Leadership Team

If you're looking for a consulting report with broad recommendations, The Community Company won't be a good fit for your team. We are not a team of consultants.

While we deliver management consulting reports as part of our research, what excites us more is doing it because we stand behind our work.

We take a 'roll up our sleeves' approach to getting our projects launched. If you're looking for a long-term partnership that will exceed your expectations, scroll down to meet your team!

Community Development Lead

Zoe Miller

Zoe holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Adult Education & Community Development.

She helps us build meaningful relationships with all stakeholders in our community, whether that’s with grassroots groups, charities, organizations, or funders.

We believe that the best community projects are those that involve every relevant stakeholder, so her biggest responsibility is to connect the dots and grow our relationships in the community.

Outside of work, Zoe is a feminist, activist, permaculturist and a community leader. She is passionate about building better systems, sharing knowledge and impacting change on a community and ecosystem level.

Contact Email: zoe [at] communitycompany.org

Social Enterprise Lead

Emma Hofstra

Emma holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Family Relations & Applied Nutrition.

She is the lead strategist for all Social Enterprise projects. Combining principles of business development and community-based research, she creates effective enterprises that balance sustainability and social impact with our charity and nonprofit partners.

With a background in academic research, she recognizes the crucial role that community engagement plays in driving meaningful, positive social change. 

Outside of work, Emma enjoys painting and hiking with her dog, Kaz. She values the importance of maintaining strong relationships and loves spending time connecting with her friends and family.

Contact Email: emma [at] communitycompany.org

Founder & Executive director

Justin Chan

Justin founded The Community Company in 2018 to connect with people overcoming adversity and creatively share their talents with the world.

Today, The Community Company is creating sustainable Social Enterprises in partnership with our community's most inspiring charities, nonprofits, and grassroot groups.

With a background in both Business Administration and community organizing, he brings a unique blend of experiences to every client project, from investment management, to nonprofit fundraising, to launching grassroot projects.

Outside of work, Justin is a lifelong learner. He sits on the board of the Guelph Community Foundation and enjoys photography, reading, running, basketball, and studying chess theory.

Contact Email: justin [at] communitycompany.org

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