Your programs need reliable funding.

Grants and donations only cover so much of your nonprofit's programming costs. And it’s exhausting to chase it every year.

2020 proved that changes in provincial or federal policy, economic conditions, or in your donor pool could dry up funding for your key community programs.

You know your services can’t go away, so you're looking for a reliable funding solution that'll fuel your work.

Social Enterprise is a sustainable solution.

A Social Enterprise is a business that is created solely for the purpose of achieving a social objective.

We believe Social Enterprise is the way forward because it operates within capitalism to create a parallel (and better) system that uses business as a force for social good.

Grassroots groups, nonprofits, and charities can all legally create a Social Enterprise in Canada to generate revenue as long as it's within the organization's mission.

We partner with nonprofits to launch Social Enterprises.

We partner with leading nonprofits in Ontario and across Canada to develop sustainable Social Enterprises using a community-based research approach.

We have a tested and proven three phase process to develop an enterprise from ideation to launch day and we'll work alongside your team to make it all happen.

If you're interested in developing a Social Enterprise in Canada, let's chat. We'd love to learn more about your passions and work alongside you to create your dream enterprise.

Three key benefits of Social Enterprise:

Sustainable Revenue

Social Enterprises generate undesignated and sustainable revenue for your organization's most pressing needs. Imagine a donor that donates $250/day indefinitely. That's the power of Social Enterprise.

New Relationships

A vision-aligned Social Enterprise will attract community members that believe in your cause. If designed well, it will lead to new donors and new volunteers for your charity and act as a strong lead generation tool.

Effective Storytelling

An effective Social Enterprise will tell the story of your charity in a meaningful and unique way. It provides a direct opportunity for community members to interact and purchase something that directly supports your cause.

We take social impact seriously.

We're a Certified B Corporation, one of 409 in Canada, that have legally committed to using our business to create social change.

As a B Corporation, our business model and financials have been thoroughly audited and certified to meet the highest global standards for social impact.

Additionally, in 2022, we were recognized with the ‘Best for the World, 2022’ certification, meaning we are in the top 5% of global B Corporations with respect to community impact.

Our Three Phase Process:

Here's how we'll work together.

We create an end-to-end partnership with your nonprofit or charity to develop your Social Enterprise. Once we have approval from your leadership team, we'll lead the project through our three phases of Social Enterprise Development, checking in with you every step of the way.

A testimonial of our Social Enterprise services:

Jaya James, Executive Director of Hope House

“I highly recommend that any organization looking to create a Social Enterprise hire The Community Company. They’re excellent communicators, have exceptional project management skills and are able to lead your organization step by step through the process. Working with them accelerated Hope House's social enterprise launch by 24 months and resulted in a concise and powerful brand that clearly communicates what we are trying to do.”

We create press-worthy projects.

We have a proven track record of starting meaningful, press-worthy conversations in our community.

Our social enterprise projects have been covered by CTV, CBC, The Record, and the Toronto Star, just to name a few. In total, we’ve had 31 media interviews for our 14 social projects, we’ve been on the front page of a newspaper 5 times, and we’ve had 4 segments on live TV.

We create projects that make a real impact and capture our community’s attention.

Our next steps together.

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